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you might call her strange, but she's my friend

all you think is win - it makes me cry.Collapse )
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you might call her strange, but she's my friend
16 May 2011 @ 03:27 am
it's been exactly four months since i last posted/ visited LJ. let's pretend like i don't feel silly emotional about posting an entry right now. apparently, i've had my journal for seven years (if you count the account switch). i know that most of you all have had yours for just as long, longer. ah, wow.

what has happened? last thing i wrote here - i was accepted into UCSD. well, i got (won? earned?) a five-year fellowship. the terms are very comfortable, and it's . . . really nice.

i finally passed college algebra! haha, i went into the exam like rocky IV or something, and i passed the course with a 73 C. math, may we never meet again. stupid bitch, piss me off

kristen and i are moving on 8 august. she has a job in SD all ready - she'll be graduating with her master's in speech pathology, so she's landed a great position that pays really well. obviously i am getting a great roommate deal, right. we'll be living a 1/3 luxe life (better than the 1/16th luxe life i currently live).

bonnie, sho, and ninja are all doing well. except bonnie brings cockroaches she catches into my room, so i in turn have to bring the pain to her. uh

i'm doing really well too. i miss ya'll. of course, i still talk with some of you, but not everybody. it stinks. i don't know . . .

i may or may not be on my cycle and feeling very sensitive and emotional idek. i don't like thinking about the past even for a minute. the past has never been too kind to me. but i saw my grandma and aunt yesterday for the first time in three years. i'm leaving everything behind. they understand - guys, i can't describe how it made me feel. i felt loved, really loved. my family is not very close, or perhaps even very kind - but they're my own. and my grandma told me that she's proud of me - she's never really said that before. my aunt told me that i look happy, and that means the world to her. i've grown up a lot. i needed them to see that, to see me as my mother's daughter, a well-adjusted and successful adult. and so it was . . .

and there were the tears. i didn't even know i felt that way until i started typing. this is why i love my LJ. such therapy - virtual pages completely stiff with years of my angsty tears :3

i hope you're doing well, f-list. to those of you still here, thanks for sticking around. i don't do much to keep in touch on my end, but i've known most of you all for so long that it bums me out hugely when i lose ya.

please drop me a line, if the mood strikes you . . . i'll be back soon, i think. i'm on tumblr as well, cough, but it's mostly pictures of emaciated white male models, don't judge me. but i miss actually blogging about something lolzy that happened on the bus, or how supper gave me gas, or how brilliant that new film is. and kanajun i miss him sfm

until then!

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you might call her strange, but she's my friend
11 December 2010 @ 08:02 pm
dear LJ,

i got another tattoo.

hi tom riddle please come asapCollapse )

that is all.

- cami
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you might call her strange, but she's my friend
28 November 2010 @ 05:40 pm
yes, indeed.

because, really, nobody wants to hear me cry all the time.

no hard feelings for real, yo ♥
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you might call her strange, but she's my friend
04 October 2010 @ 10:41 pm
. . .

hello, ms perfect.

trying to learn the dance rn

already hurt myself 3x
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